8th Annual Firefighters Fighting Cancer Benefit Ride

Saturday, August 25, 2018

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______BENEFICIARIES  UPDATE______________________________________

The funds raised from our benefit ride go directly to the beneficiaries. This year we have added a second beneficiary to our cause.  The two beneficiaires are: Dave Gustafson and Ken Smith.  Please read their information below and come support our brothers and their families in need.

Dave has been a member of the community for 51 years having grown up in Robbinsdale and living there today with his wife of 21 years and his two daughters. Dave has served the city of Golden Valley for 26 years as a Firefighter, Inspector, Captain, and he is currently employed full time as a Property Maintenance / Fire Inspector. He has served the city of Robbinsdale for 4 years as a Firefighter and Lieutenant. Dave was a founding member of the Hennepin County Fire Investigation Team in 2005 and he has been the HFIT Team Supervisor for the past 4 years.
In March of 2016, Dave was diagnosed with Leukemia. After 20 months of medical treatment, he was cleared in November 2017. Dave suffered a medical event shortly thereafter and was diagnosed with Lymphoma in January 2018. While his prognosis is good, he is currently undergoing stem cell therapy treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. The treatment is to cure the Lymphoma. Dave has been on medical leave from the Fire Service since January and is eager to return to his passion and continue giving back to his community.

Ken Smith, age 67, has lived in Coleraine, Minnesota, most of his life. He and his wife Trika have two adult children and five grandchildren.

Ken has served on the Coleraine City Council for 26 years, including 10 years as mayor. He also served on the Coleraine Fire Department for 24 years. Ken loves music, the Vikings and the Twins. Ken and Trika have visited 20 of the 30 MLB stadiums, while also enjoying each of their cities.  They plan to see the rest of the stadiums in the next few years.

Ken developed kidney cancer in 2016, which has since metastasized to his lungs and spine.


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