9th Annual Firefighters Fighting Cancer Benefit Ride


RKMN4 would like to give a super big THANK YOU to all those
who came out to support our 2019 beneficiary –
Theresa Halvorson.
A note from Theresa:

I want to Thank everyone who made the Benefit so awesome. “Thank you” can never really convey the depth of our gratitude. We were and are blown away with all the support and love that we have received from everyone in the Group.

Dan being a firefighter and I a nurse. We have the “caregiver” hearts. We are the ones who help out and try to fix things, therefore, it was very hard for us to ask for help. Over the first weeks, we quickly realized this diagnosis was bigger than both of us. We never imagined we would ever be on the receiving end of the Benefit! In the beginning people would ask what we needed, we were so shocked and overwhelmed that we didn’t even know what we needed. You all were quick to jump in and take care of us, giving us what we needed before we realized we needed it. This Group is a huge reason, we have made it this far. You are more than friends. You are family. We can never repay all you have done for us. Next year we hope to get a lot more riding in with you. Thank you and Love always!!! 💖💖💖 ~~~ Theresa


Facebook Link to:    Firefighters Fighting Cancer